Using Liquid Nitrogen Safely In Universities

This e-learning workshop is for staff and students who use liquid nitrogen and associated equipment in a university, college or school environment.

Type of Course: Health Safety & Environment                                 
Course Reference: HTPP-001

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At the end of the e-learning workshop learners will be able to:


  • Appreciate the properties of cryogenic liquids
  • Describe how humans react in oxygen deficient situations
  • Recognise the potential hazards posed by an uncontrolled release of pressure
  • Identify different types of personal protective equipment and the need to comply with work          procedures
  • Distinguish the difference and similarities between pressure vessels and dewars
  • Describe how a pressurised cryogenic vessel operates
  • Identify key safety procedures when decanting liquid nitrogen
  • Appreciate the consequences of using incorrect procedures and faulty equipment
  • Recognise the dangers of transporting cryogenic vessels in lifts 
  • Adopt correct storage and manual handling practices
  • Online (HTPP-001) – E-learning

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Online: £27.25

2.5 hours