An Exclusive Event with Dr Annie Wright

1st June 2020

Emerging from lockdown: accommodating change, maintaining health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

As we emerge from lockdown, we all face uncertainties, whether financial, what our workplace will look like, potential change to our organisation, role or responsibilities, or job security in the face of Covid-19 impact.

Dr Annie Wright led us through 3 key areas which will equip us to navigate the changes we may face. By understanding how resilience, and emotional intelligence affect us physiologically, and how we can apply this knowledge in a practical way to improve our mental adaptability, we discussed how to be better prepared for the challenges which lie ahead, and how to lessen any potential impact to our mental and physical wellbeing.


“A well delivered webinar which covered some material I was familiar with and some from a new perspective. I also found the group chat very helpful and a clear indication that we were all experiencing similar problems.” 
– Anonymous

Date of article: 1st June 2020