HEaTEDs’ grand tour

HEaTED are committed to your professional development and being there for you on every step of your professional journey. There are a lot of changes in our sector at the moment and 2017 will see big steps forward in our mission for greater recognition, visibility, career development and sustainability of the technical workforce. 

Keep up-to-date

HEaTED will be attending a series of conferences and events around the country. Will you be attending any of them?

10 March 2017

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)’s Workshop to discuss Non-Faculty Researchers Careers and Recognition

14 March 2017

Beyond Fellowship – accredited programme network conference

5-7 April 2017

Technical Managers in Universities (TMU) Conference 2017

5-7 April 2017

University Bioscience Managers’ Association (UBMA) 24th Annual Conference

10 and 11 April 2017

Institute of Anatomical Sciences (IAS) Spring Meeting

9 and 10 May 2017

S-Labs York Conference

10 May 2017

Cardiff University internal technical conference

26 May 2017

University of Central Lancashire internal technical conference

31 May 2017

Higher Education Technicians Summit

21 June 2017

HEaTED South West network event

6 July 2017

University of Exeter’s Technical Services Conference 2017

4-7 July 2017

HEA annual converence

21 July 2017

HEaTED East of England network event

14 September 2017

Institute of Science and Technology and the Arts (IST) Conference 2017

Date of article: 4th March 2017