HEaTED Become the Official Training Arm of the NTDC

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We are excited about becoming part of the NTDC and working with them to further bolster our services offered. Over its 20+ years of existence the HEaTED programme has continuously adapted and responded to the challenges we “as a technical community” face.  

HEaTED has undertaken a number of operational changes since moving to The University of Sheffield in March 2020. 

Feedback from our members has never been so positive in relation to response times, customer service levels, proactivity and new content development. 

This remains a key focus for the HEaTED team and we will continue to strive to surmount customer expectations while further developing the programme…

By becoming the training arm of  the NTDC we can clearly see the benefits of being able to support your technical service needs holistically, in a one stop shop. 

We are looking forward to supporting the technical community together.

Date of article: 14th May 2021