HEaTED Events: Apprenticeships

HEaTED held our first UK wide networking event of the year on 21st January in partnership with Keele University.

This event was free to attend for members. The key theme for the day was to explore apprenticeships, hear exciting news on new apprenticeship standards and discuss best practice in supporting and working with apprentices through live networking, Q&A sessions and talks from Keynote Speakers.

“An excellent insight into the apprenticeship and opportunity to learn from colleagues on what activities to engage and communicate with apprenticeships.”

Keynote Speaker: Caleb Wright

Talk: Apprenticeships and the new Education Technician Apprenticeship standard

This talk provided an overview of the current apprenticeship landscape and the context of the new Education Technician apprenticeship standard. 

“I thought it was well pitched, I am new to being involved with apprentices and I thought the information was very relevant to me before progressing on to more in depth detail for those more familiar with the programme.”​

Keele Organisational Development were instrumental in the successful delivery of the day. They informed those attended what range of innovative activities were taking place to support the ongoing development, visibility and sustainability of their Technical Community. They also spoke about how the focus of the activity is coordinated and shaped by a Technical Services Steering Group consisting of technical representatives from across the institution, some of whom were present during the event. Keele also spoke about how they have recently utilised apprenticeships to further strengthen their technical community.

Tom Lovelock
Tom Lovelock
ICT Services Manager

Tom, currently in 2nd year of a Data Science Degree Apprenticeship started at Keele as a Trainee AV Technician in 2008 and started a degree apprenticeship while working as a Learning Technology Officer in the School of Medicine. Tom spoke about this excellent opportunity to expand and formalise his knowledge in an area relevant to his work.

Alex Goffe
Alex Goffe
Head of Operations & Infrastructure

Alex at Keele University is responsible for servers, systems, storage, Cloud and platforms. Alex was formally the ICT Services Manager for the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences which has an annual IT technician apprenticeship program helping to build skills and careers in technology.

“Great to hear from an apprentices point of view. Opened my eyes in regards to degree apprenticeships for current members of staff who perhaps wish to retrain within own institution.”

Natalie Kennerley
Director, NTDC

Natalie spoke about how Technical Services at Manchester Metropolitan University have used degree apprenticeships to develop existing staff as well as bring in an additional talent pool of new Technicians via level 3 apprenticeships.

“I found today’s meeting informative and welcoming, as someone newly looking into the apprenticeships scheme it was a good opportunity to ask questions and hear from others.”

Date of article: 28th January 2021