Learn how to embed environmental sustainability in laboratories

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Course Reference: HFFC-032 & HOC-030

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The aim of this course –is to increase awareness of laboratory sustainability and provide tips, advice and solutions for effective practice. This course has been tailored to meet the needs of technical staff in HE. It has been designed to accommodate various learning styles and to allow participants to learn from theory and practice, group discussions and individual reflection.

The objectives are to explore:

  1. Sustainability in Science: Why is it relevant to climate change?
  2. Laboratory Emissions Review: Assessing the balance between buildings, equipment, consumables, travel, and comparing to non-scientific sectors.
  3. Hotspot areas such as:
  • Plastics and consumables
  • Equipment (including freezers)
  • Waste & recycling
  • Carbon impacts of research
  • Research quality
  • Water usage
  1. Engagement: How to engage your peers and institution on sustainable labs

LEAF and Resources: What tools exist to help you on your journey?

By the end of this course, participants are expected to:

  • Identify how science impacts climate change
  • Describe the actions needed to reduce carbon emissions and costs of laboratories
  • Have improved sustainable purchasing understanding, so that participants may make more knowledgeable purchases of equipment and consumables (like plastics!)
  • Access sustainability programmes to support your efforts, like LEAF, and learn how to assess if a lab is sustainable
  • Improve their ability to communicate their successes in Sustainable Labs through case studies and credentials


  • Online
  • Onsite

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1 x Course Credits

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1 Day 

The host institution will provide a key point to contact to coordinate the delivery of the course, venue, morning, lunch and afternoon refreshments, audio visual equipment and some photocopying, where required. Booking and event evaluation is through HEaTED. For more information, please contact us at