Effective communication & networking skills

Communicate and network with confidence.

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Course Reference: HOC-009, HFFC-014, HBS-003

We communicate all the time, even when we do not say a word, and the results that we get are directly linked to how well we do it. Effective communication and networking skills are essential in every aspect of our lives, both at work and outside of work. They underpin building and maintenance of relationships that enable us to achieve our goals. 

This course will give participants an insight into the communication process and equip them with practical techniques and tools which will noticeably improve effectiveness of their communication and networking. It has been designed in a way which draws on real life scenarios and aims for immediate application.

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This course has been designed in a way which draws on real life scenarios and aims for immediate application of communication and networking skills.

Objectives of the course include exploring the following:

In the first part of this course we will focus on:

  • Exploring the communication process

  • How we create meaning when we interact with others

  • Communication channels and how to use them effectively depending on what we want to achieve

In the second part of this course, we will focus on:

  • How our mind-set and attitude impact on the results of networking

  • Active listening and asking insightful questions to promote interest in others 

  • How to concisely present what we have to offer

  • How to maintain our connections after a networking event

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Uncover the purpose of communication

  • Explore the communication process

  • Gain insights into how we create meaning

  • Consider effectiveness of various communication channels

  • Apply networking skills such as listening, asking questions, presenting your offer and staying connected

  • Online (HOC-009) – Instructor-led event
  • Onsite (HFFC-014) – Face-to-Face (Currently not available due to Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Bitesize (HBS-003)* – Short, online – Instructor-led event

* These are shorter versions of the course at a substantially discounted rate, to give you a flavour of what the full course is about.

If you enjoy the bitesize course and want to complete the full onsite or online course afterwards, there will be a further discount.

HEaTED Members:

Online: £185.00
Onsite: £285.00
Bitesize: £30.00


Online: £285.00
Onsite: £470.00
Bitesize: £50.00

Online and Onsite: 1 Day (Around 6 hours)

Bitesize: 1.5 hours

This activity is subject to minimum group numbers but can be delivered on-site at your institution at a time and date to suit your team. Please contact us at heated@sheffield.ac.uk for more information.

For HEaTED members, we offer 1 free place for every 10 bookings, and 2 for groups of 15 or above.