Emotional Intelligence for Technicians

Read, respond and manage situations through the power of emotional intelligence.

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Course Reference: HFFC-025 HOC-024

As professionals in the technical workforce, the ability to understand, recognise and manage emotions in a positive way, both in ourselves and in others, is a powerful tool that can boost capability, performance and career goals.

Harnessing Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills in the technical service functions will help reduce stress, mitigate challenges, enable effective teamwork, better manage conflicts and positively influence others. Moreover, it will increase confidence in communication and decision-making for greater outcomes. There is an increasing demand by employers for these highly regarded interpersonal emotional and social skill sets across roles, professional settings and industries, which come together to form the four key attributes of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and relationship management.

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This course has been tailor-made to consider the four key attributes of EI in the technical environment, to help equip technicians, supervisors, team leaders and managers, to develop their behavioural competencies by understanding how they perceive and express themselves. Importantly, it will enable them to consider how they can effectively utilise EI, especially in decision-making and meeting the demands and pressures of the workplace.

The course has been designed to accommodate various learning styles and to allow participants to learn from theory and practice, group discussions and individual reflection on their current practice. It will utilise formative assessments to increase learner knowledge, competency and confidence; enabling and empowering them to implement learnt skills in their work.

Aim: To develop an understanding and the application of emotional intelligence in expressing, coping and dealing with work pressures and demands.

Objectives are to explore the following:-
● Introduction to EI and its impact in the workplace
● Self-awareness – knowledge about our strengths, weakness and emotions
● Self-management – controlling feelings, behaviours, and managing emotions
● Social-awareness – reading concerns, needs and emotions of others
● Relationship management – developing and maintaining good relationships
● Problem solving, reality testing and impulse control
● EI and stress management: flexibility and decision-making

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

● develop their emotion management competency, confidence and outcomes through:-
     o deploying effective thinking, feeling and behavioural skills
     o management of emotional impulses and relationship with others
     o heightened social and self-awareness
     o reflection of personal triggers resulting in emotional hijack situations
● apply pre-emptive and responsive emotional techniques to achieve results
● develop an action plan with confidence for improving their EI

● Online Instructor-led
● Face-to-face

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