PASMA Mobile Tower Scaffold Operator

PASMA stands for Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association. This qualification is recognised in the construction industry for those operatives working at height on mobile access towers. The training courses are approved by HSE and the UK Contractors Group.

Type of Course: Health Safety & Environment
Course Reference: HTPP-042

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Anyone whose duties include the need to assemble, use, inspect, alter, and dismantle mobile access towers should complete a PASMA tower scaffold training course. As well as meeting health & safety legal requirements, the knowledge that the training gives you will allow you to maximise your personal safety and that of your co-workers.

The Working at Height Regulations (2005) requires that the assembly, dismantling or alteration of Mobile Access Towers should only be undertaken by a competent person and a PASMA qualification acts as proof of that competency.

The PASMA Training course covers everything an employee needs to know about assembling, using and managing Mobile Access Towers in a safe way. It also covers the practical side of using high-level access platforms, including risk assessments and accident prevention, as well as health & safety legislation and regulations surrounding the use of high level access platforms.

● Theory test
● Practical training with scaffolding and assembled towers
● Practical assessment to end the day
● An overview of health & safety legislation and regulations, as well as the PASMA
Code of Practice
● Instructions on safe working at heights along with other relevant training
Introduction to health & safety legislation and regulations
● PASMA Code of Practice
● Identifying, assembling, dismantling and using Mobile Access Tower equipment
● Advanced Guardrail and 3T (Through The Trap) erection
● Practical assembly, moving, inspection and dismantling session
● Use of stabilisers, outriggers, sole pads and ties

 Face-to-Face only

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