Safe use of work equipment – wood working

Applies to most woodworking machinery, except hand-held tools, and includes tasks involving wood, corkboard, fibreboard and composite materials. This course gives practical advice on the safe use of woodworking machinery and covers the provision of information and training, as well as aspects of guarding.

Type of Course: Health Safety & Environment
Course Reference: HTPP-044

● Relevant Health & Safety legislation, in particular the implications of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and Approved Code of Practice, and COSHH

● Provide details of accident rates and underlying causes

● Cover principles of safe working practices and update on guarding systems

● Provide safety awareness on the range of work undertaken, including guard setting, safety procedures and use of jigs where appropriate

● Use of safety equipment including push sticks, push blocks etc.

● Saw blade geometry and use of different types of blades

● Dust extraction, PPE and safe working practices in the workshop

● Implications of COSHH and new Noise Regulations

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● Introduction

● Citation and commencement

● Application

● Suitability of work equipment

● Maintenance

● Specific risks

● Information and instructions

● Training

● Dangerous parts of machinery

● Protection against specified hazards

● Stop controls

● Stability

● Warnings

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  • Live Online

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