Assertiveness Workshop

Being liked at work is fine until it means you find it difficult to say to people what you need to say, without feeling awkward. This one-day workshop allows participants to practice the skills of being assertive in a wide variety of situations. It also gets them to examine the beliefs that people have about not being assertive and explores ways of challenging those beliefs.

Type of Course: Customer Service
Course Reference: HTPP-048

By the end of the course, delegates will have:
• Demonstrated their understanding of assertive behaviour, so that communication is appropriate and effective
• Identified the three behaviours and their effect on people
• Practised a range of assertiveness techniques
• Practised dealing with aggressive and submissive behaviour
• Gained confidence when dealing with challenging situations
• Agreed an action plan and identified skills they will put into practice with a timescale to check progress

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Delegates will understand by the end of the course:

● What is Assertive Behaviour?
● Why is assertive behaviour important?
● The impact of assertive behaviour
● Defining Assertive, Aggressive and Submissive Behaviours
● Comparing the styles
● Obstacles to acting more assertively
● Low self-esteem
● Inability to handle conflict
● Communication skills
● Improving your self-esteem
● Using verbal and non-verbal communication
● Techniques in specific situations
● Giving and receiving praise
● Making and receiving requests
● Using ‘I’ statements
● Handling conflict
● Different behaviour styles for handling conflict
● Improving the process for handling difficult people
● Personal Development Action Plan

  • Face-to-Face
  • Live Online

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1 Day course followed by a personal development action plan