IST Conference 2020 – Virtual

Our partners the IST, the professional body for technical staff, are hosting their Conference on 11th November 2020.

This change is in light of the pandemic. Originally the Conference was to be hosted at the University of York but for the safety of everyone involved have moved the Conference online.

The IST have organised, with the technical community, to host a serious of workshops with key speakers from the Grantham Centre for Sustainability, Science Council and Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals, as well as technicians themselves from the creative arts to those working at the forefront of the pandemic. We are looking forward to the sessions and would recommend our members to sign up to this free event.

There is a great line up of speakers from the technical community and the talks offer a variety of themes.

You can check out their programme here:

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Date of article: 2nd November 2020