New tool to support Equality in HE

There has been an increased amount of work to support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Higher Education across the UK.

STEMM CHANGE have developed an EDI Resource Bank to help collect all freely published information together to share good practice from EDI practitioners more widely.

The EDI Resource Bank is –

‘a new, open-access database which brings together materials to support EDI work in a range of HE settings.’


This resource has been developed as part of STEMM-CHANGE, a University of Nottingham project funded by EPSRC Inclusion Matters.

Dr Lucy Jones leads a strand of this project aiming to remove barriers to EDI by making good practice freely available. Though originating from a STEMM-focused project, the EDI Resource Bank contains resources relevant to work and study across all subjects and disciplines.

Date of article: 11th December 2020