Our New Website is Here!

We are currently developing a new website and we want as many of you to be the new face of HEaTED. If you have any pictures of you working in your roles then please send them to Liam so that we can use them on our new website.

Rather than solely using stock pictures for the new website, we would love to use pictures of you – our members – at work. Being huge supporters of the Technician Commitment, publishing your work on our website would give you recognition to many technical colleagues from across the UK. If you would like to send any pictures of “technicians at work” we would be happy to credit the picture and give some exposure to you and your university or organisation.


We have received some excellent photographs so far which have been credited to our members. They really do help bring the pages to life.

That being said we are looking for more. So please do pick up your camera, snap yourself or your colleagues at work and send us the details of who you are, what your job title is, which department you are from and a brief explanation of the shot. We will then add the photograph to the website and ensure you get a credit.

To submit any photographs simply send them to heated@sheffield.ac.uk.

Date of article: 17th August 2020