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Make use of the Competency Assessment Toolkit created for technicians by HEaTED.

The Development Map can be used by individuals and their organisations to ensure high standards of Professional Development for their technical workforce.

The HEaTED magazines are printed and sent out to members and key senior contacts at your institution to give visibility to many technical staff across the UK and their work as well as pointing out the best CPD available to the technical community.

Due to Covid-19 we are unable to arrange for the magazines to be printed, therefore there we are not releasing any magazines at the moment. We do intend to continue with issue 09 when we are in a position to do so. Instead we will be maximising our use of website, social media and newsletters to provide meaningful communication to all our members technical staff as well as organisations.

We will keep everyone up-to-date with when we intend to release issue 09.

Professional registration can provide recognition of your skills and knowledge, and could unlock new opportunities – as well as providing a huge confidence boost in your own abilities.

Professional registration can be achieved through many professional bodies with their associated regulatory council, such as the Engineering or Science Council. Professional registration provides independent recognition of your achievements and maintaining the exact standards required to join the global community of professionals.

Many technical staff today work across different areas and fields, therefore the registers are for all practising professionals, independent of discipline. Registration is a voluntary means of demonstrating your professionalism, and involves being held to account by your peers for your abilities and adherence to ethical standards.

Registered professionals are recognised for their competence, ability and integrity and serving the public interest. They are committed to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date through continuing professional development (CPD).

Professional registration is achieved through licensed Professional bodies, such as the Institute of Science & Technology and Institute of Physics. You can find out more information on our Partners page.

Our ‘How To Guides’ are like a trail of crumbs in our magazines that help you to develop yourself to the best of your potential.

These are incredibly powerful tools and we will be ensuring that HEaTED members get an insight into these. You can also achieve by attending the HEaTED courses that are available at our CPD page or ask the office to send out some flyers to give individuals even more information about each of the courses.

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We want to bring together our members to give them a forum where they can join in and contribute to discussions. We are currently looking into developing a place for activity for a community group to give all members the opportunity to network online which will compliment our face-to-face networks (which are currently on hold until it is safe to resume these).

If you are interested in being involved with any conversations we are having on how to bring a vibrant forum to the community, then please register your interest in the Contact Us form so that one of the HEaTED team can be in touch.

STEM has a large collection of over 14,000 resources that are available to technical staff in Higher Education and at Schools and Colleges.

You need to be a member of STEM to access some resources, but many are available to download. Membership with STEM is free.

Click here to go to STEM Resources.

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