Royal Society of Chemistry Supporting Technicians

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s action plan to help universities, research institutions and industry place technicians at the forefront of what they do was launched earlier this year.

As part of the Science Council’s Technician Commitment initiative, the RSC’s plan aims to increase visibility, recognition, career development and the sustainability of technicians in the chemical sciences.

Their plan for the chemical sciences focuses on four pillars; visibility, recognition, career development, and sustainability.

Each of these pillars offers support to technical staff through a range of grants, awards, networking, discounted training, mentoring, alongside professional accreditation and registration (RSci/RSciTech).

In addition to supporting individual technicians, organisations are encouraged to get in touch with them for assistance in achieving their own goals with regard to technical staff.

Professor Dame Carol Robinson, former President of the RSC, says: “A career in the technical sciences is both fulfilling and rewarding – I started my own career as a technical member of staff. It is only right that we make sure all technicians receive the recognition and career development that they deserve.

“I was one of the people who would say I am ‘just’ a technician – we have to stop saying that. Technicians are vitally important to the advancement of the chemical sciences and the health of our economy. Our action plan has been designed to improve the landscape in which technicians find themselves working, to not only maximise the potential of and retain our skilled technicians but also attract new talent to the sector.”

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Date of article: 8th October 2020